Rich Webinar PicRichard Erschik is not a know-it-all by any means. But he certainly knows-a-lot about his area of expertise (Trade Shows.) He must, because during the past 3 decades, individual professionals and industry trade associations have paid him more than $503,000 to learn what he knows.

In 1986 Richard packaged his knowledge about trade shows and took his know-on-the-road to venues as far away as Johannesburg South Africa. He has conducted more than 350 in-person seminars and on-line webinars. He has produced a CD that offers his trade show exhibiting education. So he has actually done with his knowledge, exactly what he shows you how to do with your knowledge, here, in 2 optional forms of instructional learning that will teach you…

  • How to package and promote what you know
  • How to find customers and deliver what you know
  • How to get paid and profit from what you know

Check out the optional Learning Platforms tab on this website. Select the one that’s right for you and start getting paid for what you know. YOU deserve it.


“I learned more from this guy in an hour, than I did in 4 years of college”
~ Bill Wilde

“You have an incredible way of simplifying the complicated”
~ Joyce McKee

“This is just what I needed to realize what I had”
~ Earnest Benz